Tree of Life Big Pendant Necklace

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tree of life necklace

The Tree of Life is a symbol present in countless cultures, which in addition to being the representation of Life itself, still carries with it various symbolisms! This delicate and powerful necklace mainly refers to the miracle of life, which due to its cycle is always renewed, symbolized by the constant renewal of the leaves or by its crown that points to the sky. It is also related to fertility and female strength, as in addition to producing fruit, this tree also provides shade and protection.

Throughout human history, the Tree of Life is mentioned several times in different places and cultures, one of its strongest representations is in Christianity.

According to the Bible, the Tree of Life is one of the special trees that God placed in the center of the garden called Eden. There it was and another that would be the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil", of whose fruit, Eve, and later Adam, ended up eating due to the influence of a serpent.


  • Material: Stainless Steel + Crystal
  • Size: 5.3cm*5.8cm
  • Necklace Shape: Tree Of  Life
  • Colors: Rose Gold/Silver /Gold
  • Chain Style: Double Layer Chain
  • Weight: 33.9g